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Conversor Ajustável DC-DC Entrada = 4-40V Saida = 1,25-37V 46.059

Conversor Ajustável DC-DC Entrada = 4-40V Saida = 1.25-37V 46.059

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Conversor Ajustável DC-DC Entrada = 4-40V Saida = 1,25-37V

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  • Input voltage range: 4-40 v (40 v to limit the highest voltage)
  • Output voltage range:1.25V - 37V (decompression mode, input output must be greater than 2 V above)
  • Output current: 2 A continuous output
  • Output power: the maximum 15 w
  • Ripple frequency: 150 KHZ
  • Grain wave peak: 100 mv
  • Voltmeter precision: ± 5 ‰
  • Static power: 20 ma (and input voltage output voltage and digital tube color is closely related to the actual current will exist deviation)
  • Weight: 33g.
  • Size:7cm*4cm
  • With voltage display function, the displayed accuracy is ± 0.05V, range is 0 - 40V.( Note: in order to voltage display more accurate, please ensure that the input voltage is higher than 4V)
  • Button to switch measurement of the input or output voltageand LED indicates the current measurement of the input or output voltage;The nixie tube can be turned off by another button.Mentioned in these states are able to be memorized, is not lost even if the power is disconnected.
  • Continuously adjustable output voltage range of 1.25V -37V, 4-40V input voltage range.The input voltage is at least high than the output voltage of 1.5V
  • High efficiency,150 kHz fixed frequency internal oscillator.
  • Guaranteed 3A output load current.
  • Thermal shutdown and current limit protection

IN + : input positive/IN - : input negative
OUT + : output positive/OUT - : output negative


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